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gas rice cooker-Popular type Standard – Rinnai Corporation

Fluffy and delicious with kamado cooking techniques

Reproducing rice chefs’ techniques in a rice cooker
The long years of experience and intuition of rice cooks are reproduced with microcomputer control. The entire pot is heated by a direct flame from the bottom of the pot to generate strong heat convection. This heats every grain of rice, resulting in rice with outstanding stickiness and sweetness.

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Microcomputer-controlled rice cooker for delicious rice
The water temperature is raised in stages so that the rice can easily absorb water. When water absorption is complete, the rice is brought to a boil over high heat, and finally the rice is steamed by microcomputer-controlled heat control. If the kettle temperature drops during steaming, it is re-ignited to maintain the high temperature necessary for rice alphalization.

Creating a healthier way of living

With “Quality is our life” as its starting philosophy, the Group strives to provide products and services based on the themes of “Heat and Life” and “Health and Life” to realize a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

The Origin of Rinnai

Inheriting the spirit of the company’s founding, Rinnai creates “heat and life” with reliable technology.

One day in November 1918, Shujiro Naito stopped by Imagawa-yaki’s storefront and admired the blue flames of an imported oil stove. He asked the owner of the store to let him have the stove, which he then built, learning from the owner’s example, and thus created the Rinnai oil gas stove, the origin of Rinnai.

Two years later, in 1920, Shujiro Naito retired from Nagoya Gas (now Toho Gas) and established his own company, Hayashiuchi Shokai (now Rinnai Corporation), with his colleague and childhood friend, Kenkichi Hayashi.

Since then, Rinnai has worked on the development of advanced heat energy appliances, which have gradually become popular in Japan’s modernizing lifestyle. The catalog for the Rinnai oil gas stove from the time of the company’s founding reflects Rinnai’s commitment to contributing to society, which has remained unchanged to this day.

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