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gas rice cooker-CRA2-150NS – COMET KATO MFG. CO. LTD.

Low Radiation Type (NS Model)A low radiation type is available to reduce the surface temperature of equipment. Centralized exhaust air ensures a cool kitchen.

Thick sheet metal for durability
Rice Porridge and Mixed Rice cooking mode
Flame failure safety devise
Model: CRA2-150NS, 3 deck type

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Cooks fluffy and delicious rice with the strong heat of gas!
We have 60 years of know-how in the field of gas rice cookers!
The strong heat of the gas cooker cooks rice fluffy and deliciously.

Timer rice cooking function!
By programming the ignition time in advance, you can cook rice with fewer mistakes. Also, the cooker can be set to cook rice after the ignition time.

Four menus are available: white rice, no-rinse rice, cooked rice, and porridge!
By selecting a menu, you can cook delicious rice with a suitable heating method.

Easy to clean
The parts inside the rice cooker door can be easily removed for cleaning! With simple daily maintenance, the rice cooker can be used clean at all times.

COMET KATO MFG. CO., LTD. was inaugurated at Nakagawa-ku,Nagoya City in 1920 as a range manufacturer.

We have developed along with progress of food for over 100 years since then as a manufacturer specialized in commercial cooking equipment.
As the times shifted from 20th century to 21th, the heat source for cooking changed from coal to gas, and electricity. And cooking methods and habits of eating also changed in various.
In particular, since 2020’s, these change drastic, especially eating out, and demands for a low-carbon and sustainable society have been rapidly advancing.
However, no matter how the times change, the smiles that spill out of people’s faces when they eat hot meal and the harmony of people will never change.
Comet Kato will continue to bring out ideas and change in order to smile people, and will continue to evolve into the future with the harmony of technology and people.

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