Fiber Optic Connector BF4-IR2LCD-01-2M – Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.

The bidirectional transmission active optical connector BF4-IR2 has been developed for internal and inter-devicewiring.

Active Optical I/F Connector

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Incorporating two BF4MC Series connectors inside the plug enables bidirectional transmission, significant lower
use of power consumption than conventional optical transmission modules, and an interface with flexibility superior to
conventional optical fiber cables. Furthermore, BF4-IR2 is a dual core optical I/F connector that allows long distance
transmission, electromagnetic noiselessness and isolation, all of which are merits of optical transmission.


Mating Durability of 1,000 Cycles

Unlike conventional optical connectors,
the BF4-IR2 Series is an active connector
(electrical connection) and has a robust design
for a mating durability of up to 1,000 cycles like
other Hirose interface connectors.

Built-in LED for Connection Confirmation

The built-in LED (Amber/Green) allows for
operation check (control confirmation) from
outside the connector.

Bending Durable 2 Core Fiber

BF4-IR2 uses the same flexible fiber as BF4MC.
The minimum recommended bending radius is R10.

Low Power Consumption

Two BF4MC inside the BF4-IR2 enable low power

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Hirose Electric Co.,LTD. specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of connectors, with a focus on multi-pole connectors and coaxial connectors. Their range of multi-pole connectors includes circular, rectangular, and printed circuit board connectors, which are manufactured and sold by their subsidiaries in Japan and other countries. Their coaxial connector line is manufactured and sold by domestic and overseas subsidiaries, including optical connectors. Additionally, they also produce and distribute micro switches. To expand their global sales network and production capabilities, the company has established subsidiaries in various regions, including Europe (such as the Netherlands), the United States, and East to Southeast Asia (such as China and Singapore).


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Active Optical I/F Connector BF4-IR2 Series

Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.

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