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Fiber laser processing machine FL1390 – RSD Co. Ltd

The FL1390 is a high precision machine with a sealed body design, safe and clean construction.

The FL1390 is a high precision machine specially designed for high precision cutting and is suitable for use in the microelectronics, optical frames, electronics and engineering industries where high cutting accuracy is required.
The observation window is made of CE-certified laser protective glass. The smoke and dust generated by the cutting process are filtered out from the inside of the machine.

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Dimensions [mm]Width 2170 x Depth 2110 x Height 2100
Control PC DisplayNot included
Work Area Size [mm]Width 1300 x Depth 900
Processing Material Size (when piercing) [mm]Width 1390 Thickness 20
PowerThree-phase or single-phase 220V 50Hz/60Hz/60A
Uses AC200V conversion transformer (included)
Power Consumption [KW] (IPG 1000W Laser Unit)Standby: 0.2
Processing: 2.8
Power Factor [%] (IPG 1000W Laser Unit)Standby: 47
Processing: 99
Operating Power Consumption [KW] (IPG 1000W Laser Unit)7.1 (Main unit + Water Chiller + Exhaust Fan)
Laser TypeFiber laser
(IPG or Raycus or RECI oscillator)
High Reflective MaterialYes
Laser Output1000 / 1500 / 2000 W
RECI: 1500W~
Wavelength1090 [nm]
Processing Area [mm]1300 X 900
Max Speed [m/min]40
Max Acceleration [G]0.5 ~ 1.2
VoltageAC220V 50Hz/60Hz 60A
Positioning Accuracy [mm]±0.03
Import File FormatsDXF, PLT, AI, Gerber, NC (G-code)
Follow (Imitation Sensor)Automatic calibration available
Plotter DriveServo Motor + Ball Screw
Control SoftwareCypCut
Auto FocusYes
Dynamic adjustment of focal distance during processing, effective when working with different materials.
*Optional for 1000W machines, available for all models.
If there is no auto focus, manual adjustment of the focal distance is required based on the material being processed.
Default installation may vary by machine specifications; check with inquiries for details.
Collision AvoidanceYes
Function to avoid obstacles such as remaining processed material in a tilted state after cutting, allowing continuous processing.
*Optional, available for all models.
Nesting processing: Available
Control UnitCommand Unit: 0.001mm or less
Command Method: G-code/M-code
Program Transfer Method: USB
*Internet connection is prohibited
Operating Device27-inch LCD Monitor
Keyboard, Mouse, Remote Control
Touch panel is optional
Status Indicator Lights
  • Standby
  • Processing
  • Alarm Occurred
  • Path Movement During Alarm (Interruption of laser irradiation during processing)
Auto FocusEquipped for 1500W and above
Optional Equipment
  • Dust Collector TODC-4L
  • Dust Collector TODC-6L
Operating Temperature [℃]0 ~ 40
Packing Box Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)2270 x 2230 x 1880
Individual units may have errors
Installation Space RequirementsA minimum clearance of 1.5m or more is required on all sides in relation to the main unit dimensions
Options (excluding tax)
  • Auto-focus is standard for 1500W and above, but optional for 1000W and below.
  • Servo motors are standard with inovance. Yaskawa motor is available as an option.
  • The system can be optionally upgraded to a system with an anti-collision cutting function (to avoid contact with the laser head).
    Upgrade to FL1313 (work area 1300 x 1300 mm) is possible.

*Equipment not included in the complete machine set, such as dust collectors, compressors, etc., can be arranged and customized to meet your requirements.

Main components included in the product


Simple autofocus, no manual operation required

Dedicated software automatically adjusts the focus lens and performs automatic drilling and cutting, even on plates of different thicknesses. The speed of automatic focus lens adjustment is 10 times faster than manual adjustment.

Greater Adjustment Range

Adjustment range -10mm to +10mm, accuracy 0.01mm, suitable for different types of plates from 0 to 20mm.

Long product life

Both collimator and focus lenses have water-cooled heat sinks, which reduce cutting head temperature and increase cutting head life.

Aerospace Aluminum Gantry

Manufactured to aerospace standards and formed by 4300 ton press extrusion. Strength after aging can reach T6, the maximum strength of all gantries. Aviation aluminum offers many advantages such as good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation protection, low density, and much faster processing speed.


Automatic water cooler

Cools the laser head, including the focal lens.
This automatic water cooler uses a stainless steel circulation pump with high flow rate and low noise, and the tank and pipes are made of rust-free materials to ensure stable water pressure and long service life.

Double rail design on both sides

To prevent deformation of the cut line due to thread bending of the Y-axis and to ensure stable high-speed cutting of straight lines and arcs, the Y-axis on both sides is equipped with two rail guides and double ball drive screws.


Fiber Laser Controller BCS100

This high-performance controller employs a closed-loop control system.
Equipped with a unique Ethernet communication (TCP / IP protocol) interface, many functions can be easily realized with CypCut, such as automatic height tracking, segment piercing, progressive piercing, edge seeking, jump over, and arbitrary setting of lift-up height.
The BSC100 operation panel may or may not be equipped depending on specifications.


Au3tech head and controller, Delta servo, Japan Shimpo reducer, Taiwan YYC rack gear. Japan SMC/ AIRTEC Pneumatic Components. France Schneider Electronic Components.

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