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An energy-saving device that comes with an ECO-made that reduce electricity usage.

“ECO Backen” is equipped with the Idling Cut System, which reduces the number of times the fire is turned on and cuts power consumption significantly by using extremely soft fire power for the firing.

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The ‘ECO System’ achieves a reduction of approximately 30% in basic electricity costs. (Compared to our company’s products)

The ECO Backen constantly monitors and adjusts oven conditions to reduce ‘basic electricity’.
The fact is that few customers always use ‘rough heat’ on all stages when baking confectionery.
‘Rough fire’ is, of course, the kiln’s 100% output, while ‘soft fire’ and ‘ultra-soft fire’ use a reduced rate of firepower.
The ECO BACKEN has recognised this and has made it possible to reduce the basic power consumption by 30% compared to our current models by restricting the use of ‘rough fire’ and by having the oven constantly monitor and centrally adjust the heat balance when firing on ‘soft fire’ or ‘ultra-soft fire’.
Of course, this does not mean that the “rough fire” can no longer be used at all, but rather that the use of the “rough fire” in other stages must be reduced.
In the case of a 3-stage Backen with 2 Backen inserts, the basic power consumption of a conventional Backen is 15.2 kW, while the Eco Backen uses 10.6 kW, a reduction of approximately 30%. (Compared to our company’s products).

“Idling cut system” for cutting power during the time when confectionery is not being baked

Even if time has elapsed after baking the confectionery, baking must be able to start immediately at the set temperature the next time the confectionery enters the oven. For this reason, the oven is regularly fired to maintain the oven temperature even when it is idling and not baking confectionery.
During idling, if the oven temperature drops by 2°C below the set temperature, the oven is fired to restore the temperature, but the ECO Backen is only fired when the temperature drops by 10°C. This is because the temperature does not drop as easily due to the good sealing properties, and even if the temperature drops by 10°C, it recovers as soon as the fire is switched on. This cuts power by extremely shortening the number of times and duration that the fire is switched on when idling.
Furthermore, by switching from the same ‘soft’ firing to ‘extremely soft’ firing after firing in the past, the power consumption is reduced and the power consumption during idling is drastically reduced.
This is the ECO Backen “Idling Cut System”.

The “ECO Timer” makes effective use of late-night power. (This may vary depending on the electricity company in your area.)

With the ECO Backen, all you have to do is enter the time you want to start using the oven in the morning, and it will slowly reduce the heat and start up automatically.
It calculates the time and power required to reach the set time and starts up efficiently using late-night electricity, which has low electricity costs.
This reduces electricity costs and waste.

Delicious for wonderful Life

There is now a boom in Japanese breads and pastries in many parts of Asia, and many artisans from overseas are coming to Japan to learn how to make them. We also have many customers from Asia and Western countries. Shichiyo has been nurtured by top-class patissiers and chefs in Japan and has refined its techniques and quality. Now, our techniques are about to be spread all over the world. Thanks to their support, we are now doing business with many overseas customers.

The company name “Shichiyo” represents the seven seas, or “the whole world’s oceans.

Delicious pastries and breads are wonderful products that bring happiness and smiles to many people, from children to the elderly.

Shichiyo will continue to strive to bring smiles and wonderful moments to people all over the world.

Reasons for choosing Shichiyo.

Oven Baking Capability is One of Shichiyo’s Strengths

The baking power of our ovens is our greatest strength.
Our ovens, with their persistent focus on sealing, and our pursuit of the utmost in fire and steam, take pastries and breads to another dimension.

Our innovative “show oven” proposal has been well received by customers, who say that it gives a sense of presence and liveliness to their stores and leads to increased sales.

We are proud of the fact that we have made it possible to put a door on the back of the oven, thanks to our high level of technical expertise in sealing the door.

At Nanban Juku, we provide thorough instruction in baking sweets and breads for everyone from the completely inexperienced to the professional.
For beginners, we start by explaining how to make dough and the names and types of tools.
We have a thorough backup system to ensure a thriving store, including providing ideas for baked goods that sell, sales ideas, and ongoing recipes.
This is where many successful bakers from different industries and with no experience have come out of.

Frozen dough” was originally an unknown field for us as a machine shop, but as we responded to our customers’ requests, it is now used by many well-known restaurants across the country.
It is said that there are very few companies in the world that have completely different types of production lines for “machines” and “food products.
We hope you will try our frozen dough of “Nanayo quality”.

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