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Dry Keeper Auto Cー3 type – SANPLATEC CORP.

The electronic dehumidification system maintains relative humidity levels at 30% to 40%, keeping dry air circulating throughout the cabinet. The RH level varies depending on the usage condition.

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  • The dehumidification system: using a solid polymer electrolyte membrane. The regeneration cycle of the conventional silica gel method is no longer necessary.
  • 1 set comes with 3 adjustable, removable, and perforated shelves. Shelf rails can be repositioned on any one of 15 steps at 28-mm intervals. Additional shelves and rails are sold separately.
  • Large, in-door digital hygrometer for easy visualization of RH%.
  • The shelf can be repositioned on any one of 15 steps at 28-mm intervals.


Solid polymer electrolyte membranes operate semi-permanently, but they degrade their performance in an atmosphere such as organic solvents.
Do not store volatile chemicals or use them in the same atmosphere.


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Since our establishment in 1960, we have been involved in the development, manufacturing, and sales of plastic scientific instruments such as beakers and flasks as a pioneer in the industry.
We also handle approximately 7,000 items including laboratory equipment and facilities, bottles, containers, cases, fluoroplastic products, products for life science, and various plastic components.

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