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Dual role in a single unit
● Dual-role model capable of crushing and sorting at the same time

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Soybean Crushing System

The peels and powder generated during the crushing process are automatically separated by a dust collector. The crushed soybeans (product) are broken into pieces of a certain size, and the peels and fine powder are removed cleanly.

Manufacturing and sales of food processing machines such as rice milling machines and flour mills

HODEN Kogyo Co. manufactures food processing equipment such as rice milling machines, flour mills (for rice-flour food products), barley milling machines, miso milling machines and sales of related equipment. The commercial flour millers and grinders are designed to be low-cost and compact for individuals and local communities that are planning to start new businesses. The lineup of products is suitable for both individuals and companies, and has been introduced into direct-selling agricultural stores and roadside stations.

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