Ball mill machine NS-40 / NS-15 – Ikeda Tea Machinery Store Co.

High Efficiency Matcha Grinder!

Powerful improved high performance machine, octagonal pillar beauty! Twice the power of conventional machines!
Energy-saving type! (Power saving)

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Easy to handle, just feed and turn.
30 kg of sencha or tencha can be fed at a time.
(However, in the case of Tencha, it is necessary to put it through a cutter.)
30 kg of tea can be crushed to 10-15 microns in 24 hours.
Other health foods can also be crushed. Equipped with timer and inverter.

Size 1,400 x 1,600 x 1,000
Motor power 750w 200w
Power supply voltage AC200V


Compact and easy-to-handle size of NS-40.
Capable of feeding 10 kg at a time and crushing 10 kg in 12 hours.
No powder flakes when taking out the machine, so it is clean.
Equipped with timer and inverter.

Size 1,000 x 1,000 x 700
Motor power 400w 200w
Power supply voltage AC200V

This is a tencha tea manufacturing plant that we have developed and operated ourselves. We are able to provide support at every step, from plant construction through to tea production techniques.

We operate two production lines at our own Belda Tencha Tea Factory. In a period of over 35 years, we have set up 40 tencha tea manufacturing plants in Yamashiro in northern Kyoto, in Shizuoka, and in other parts of Japan. In this way, we have contributed to the development of local tea production.
We can arrange factory tours at any time! Please feel free to contact us.

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  • Store Name: Ikeda Tea Machinery Store Co.
  • Vendor: Ikeda Tea Machinery Store Co.
  • Address: 619-6132
    Kyoto Soraku-gun 1-1, Kamatsuka Maeda, Wazuka-cho