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High-efficiency, high-quality crushing system with built-in original crushing and classification mechanism

●The original grinding rotor and liner effectively grind raw materials.

●The active classification mechanism prevents over-grinding of the product and produces high quality powder.

●The product particle size can be easily adjusted by adjusting the air flow rate.

●Dry and wet milling are available.

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Product Specifications

1: Highly efficient crushing
Effective milling is performed by the high-speed rotating rotor (blades) and the surrounding liner.

2: Active “Classification Mechanism” to prevent over-grinding
The fine particles are discharged from the machine and the coarse particles are returned to the grinding rotor for regrinding. Therefore, over-grinding is avoided.

3: Easy particle size adjustment
The particle size of the product can be easily adjusted by changing the air flow rate.

4. dry and wet grinding

5. energy saving

Manufacturing and sales of food processing machines such as rice milling machines and flour mills

HODEN Kogyo Co. manufactures food processing equipment such as rice milling machines, flour mills (for rice-flour food products), barley milling machines, miso milling machines and sales of related equipment. The commercial flour millers and grinders are designed to be low-cost and compact for individuals and local communities that are planning to start new businesses. The lineup of products is suitable for both individuals and companies, and has been introduced into direct-selling agricultural stores and roadside stations.

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