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Quality Control Sorting Machine High Definition. Equipped with CMOS Line Scan Camera.

Absolute Color
Quality Control Sorting Machine

Absolute Color – GR
Quality Control Sorting Machine with foreign substance reject function loading

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Main uses: Rice, wheat, buckwheat, sesame, etc.

Quality Control Sorting Machine High Definition

1.Product accuracy and yield increased

4.5mm pitch type chute / In-house manufactured Ejector / CMOS sensor

2.Many functions loading

Gradually start function / Magnet for metal removal /mode memory function

3.Environmentally friendly

LED display /Stainless steel construction (parts contact with grain)

Equipped with CMOS Line Scan Camera

Absolute sorter is the industry’s first Color sorter equipped with CMOS Line Scan Camera

・CMOS Line Scan Camera detects the small foreign substance.
・Processing capacity increased.
・Due to the CMOS Line Scan Camera has little outbreak of the heat, superior in environmental stability.
・No vertical smearing

New Chute

The new chute has a pitch of 4.5 mm, half of that of the conventional chute, to create a better alignment and fall environment and to improve processing accuracy and yield.



Consistently setting the highest standards in safety and quality at everystage of development, manufacturing and sales.

We are a company formed for the purpose of contributing activities to “quality management and information sales provision” in the international community. We are mainly engaged in the collection of information on the international community, human resource management and development, financial management, machine design, and sales provision. It was established for the purpose of contributing to companies with “quality control” as their theme.

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