Hand-held LiDAR LiGrip series / The latest model (LiGrip O1 Lite), the smallest and lightest model, is now available.

Kokyo Corporation (President and CEO: Kazuhiko Sumimura, Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) announces the launch of sales for the latest model in the GreenValley International (GVI) LiGrip series of handheld LiDAR devices, the lightweight and compact LiGrip O1 Lite.

Unlike the mainstream medium- and long-range LiGrip, this new product focuses on short-range measurements. The main unit is the lightest in the LiGrip series, weighing just 1 kg including the battery. Combined with the fact that a backpack unit is not required, portability and convenience are enhanced.

The product’s built-in GNSS and RGB processing functions enable the acquisition data to be captured in a single unit, whereas in the past it was necessary to capture camera data and point cloud data separately.

The LiDAR unit uses Livox’s Mid-360 (*1), which we have delivered many times, to measure objects up to 70 m (360°) horizontally in real time at high resolution and convert them into point cloud data.

It is lightweight, easy to carry, and improves the convenience of data capture, making it possible to easily and precisely create 3D data of the surrounding environment at short distances in construction, forestry and other fields. We have a demo unit available for you to experience the ease of use and cost performance of the system. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests.

■Product Description:

Product name: LiGrip O1 Lite
URL: https://www.symphotony.com/lidar/greenvalley/ligrip/#O1lite
Delivery date and price: Please contact us.


Koukyou Corporation LiDAR Department
Enquiry form: https://www.symphotony.com/lidar_contact/
Email: lidar@symphotony.com

■ Product appearance:

■ Main features:

Improved portability and reduced user load by reviewing the shape and reducing the weight.
Improved convenience by centralising the import of camera and point cloud data.
The Mid-360(*1), which has a proven track record in many of our installations, is used as the key component (LiDAR), achieving a good balance between price and performance.

(*1) Mid-360 product page

■ Key specifications:

LIDAR Sensor
SensorLivox Mid-360
Wavelength905 nm
Scan Speed200,000 pts/sec
Scan Range40 m (reflectance ≥ 10%) / 70 m (reflectance ≥ 80%)
FOV360° (horizontal) x -7°-52° (vertical)
Scan AccuracyUp to 2 cm
Camera TypeLiCam
FOV240° x 143°
Resolution3840 x 2160
Image Formatbin (before parsing) / JPG (after parsing)
Frame Rate0~5 frames/sec
System Parameters
SizeL184 mm x W115 mm x H304 mm
Weight1.0 kg (including base stand and battery)
Battery Capacity3,350 mAh
Voltage14.4 V
Storage256 GB (*expandable up to 1 TB)
Protection LevelIP54
PortsType-C, TF Card
Battery Life180 min (* without using GNSS and recording)

■ Mapping image:

■ Applications:

  • Building measurement.
  • Monitoring of agriculture and forests.
  • Volumetric surveying of embankments, etc.
  • Measurement of power lines, steep slopes (cliffs), agricultural land and forests, etc.

Kokyo Corporation will continue to contribute to the revitalisation of the optical industry and promote the five major revolutions in optical technology (information revolution, medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution and energy revolution).
The company will continue to contribute to the revitalisation of the optical industry and support the promotion of the five major revolutions (information, medical, food, environmental and energy revolutions) through optical technology.

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